I Can certantly recommend This hotel, We've been lodged there for almost 20 years.

In the beginning we started to travel around on the island and explored the genourous nature, landscapes and history of the island. But it was the first time that we were passing from Frankocastello to Spili that I saw that wonderfull bay from high up in the mountains. That was the moment that I said to my partner "that' where I want to stay"
We went back every year since then!

That was a little part of my Plakias discovery.
What about the Livikom itself. It has been "updated" during the last years. This means that all rooms now are equiped with a little kitchinette and the bathrooms have really improved! When we were there for the first time, they only had a shared fridge on each floor!
All rooms have airconditioning and windows can be securely shut (2 sliding doors and drapes)

It is hard for me to give an objective review on this hotel because I consider these people as friends! ( Georgia and Dyonisis, but also Maria and Olga) It always feels like coming home after a few months of hard work! They certantly do their best to make you feel as comfortable as can be!

The bar downstairs is a good place to relax, have a cocktail, a beer or a coffee (frappe). And in the evening you even might meet some people you've met on one of your other stays in the village! Really enyoiable and exiting?

This is not only a recommondation for the Livikon, but also for Morpheas and Flisvos, and certaintly for the village that we love so much!!!

If you would decide to visit Plakias with teenage children, I'm sure that they would get a bit bored after a few days, but Rethimnon isn't that far away, and there are a lot of excursions to do if you want to (scuba diving- rock cllimbing- mountainbiking- boat-trips)

Enjoy your stay!

RVMPODB, Precious People